Proven Sewing Tips

sewing machine

Mastering the proven sewing tips can improve your sewing skills and help your sewing business make even more money. Most people are excited to learn new tips that can help them in their sewing projects. Trying new things is good and fun since it can help you in mastering techniques that you have never tried. This write-up is going to share the useful tips and sewing tricks for pros and beginners.

Using Guides

There are some guides for hand stitching that you can use when sewing spaced hand stitches. You should set a switch length that is similar to the hand switch that you are planning to use, especially when making hand switches evenly. This is followed by pulling the machine switches several times before hand sewing.stitching

You should then follow the holes that you have left behind or leave the stitches in their place until you have finished your handwork. The stitches produced by the machine can help you in making different hand stitches like the top stitch, blanket stitch or herringbone stitch. This technique is perfect for those people who are interested in getting perfectly/evenly spaced hand stitching.

Using Easy Tailors Tacks

This technique is helpful in holding threads in place securely making it an ideal alternative to the traditional method. You should use unknotted, contrasting, doubled threads after cutting your pattern pieces. You should pull the fabric layers apart and stitch one set of the patterns to the fabric’s top layer. The other set is stitches to the fabric bottom layer. You can use the threads produced to make clear positions for your sewing.

masking tape


You should sew straight topstitching on fabrics without marking them. The use of masking tape can help you in establishing a clear topstitching guide that you can follow. To get the best results, you should put this tape along the fabric. Stitching should be done along the tape’s edge. Finally, remove the tape once you are through with stitching.

One-Woman Hem-Marking Device

You can easily mark your hem without relying on a helper by stretching the string tautly across the doorway. Make sure that marking is done at the reckoned height. You should then tape or tack it on both sides of the jamb. This is followed by dusting bath powder onto your string and then brushing lightly against your powdered string to transfer a light dusting onto your garment.…

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