Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners function as essential devices at homes and offices due to their capability of cleaning up the air we breathe. They have also become favorite gadgets as they can also filter and remove pollutants from the air. Other air conditioners incorporate all these functions by controlling the temperatures indoors. Just like any other device or gadget, maintenance is the key to effective operations. The same applies to the air conditioner. Proper maintenance will enable the air conditioner to last longer before requiring you to do a replacement and also helps to avoid emergency breakdowns. With this, you will save money on energy bills. The following are maintenance tips for an air conditioner.




Regularly Inspect the Wiring and Electric Components

When you want to examine the wiring and electronic components, first turn off the power from the central breaker unit located outside the office or home. After this, go ahead and access the panel. Try and inspect the state or condition of the wires in the access panel. Check out for any signs of burned or overheating wires. Through this, you will ensure that the electric connections are tight enough and also helps to prevent any emergency breakdown. In case of further problems with the wiring, reach out to an air conditioner specialist to help you out.



Regularly Replace or Clean the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the essential components in an air conditioner. It does everything in operation. Therefore, it is necessary for you to clean it or replace it regularly. Do this regularly especially during the high-use seasons which are summer and winter. This maintenance tip helps to eliminate the accumulation of dirt, allergen, and dust particles. Also, you will be making the air flow from the system dust free.



Inspect the Fans

The fans in an air conditioner are located at the top of the system outside the condenser unit. What you have to inspect at the fans, is any presence of cracks on the fan blades or presence of chips on any fan blade. If you find out any of this, immediately replace it. It is also advisable for you to be regularly oiling the bearings found in the fan motor.



Inspect the Thermostat

The modern air conditioners have a device known as a thermostat. It is programmable. By this, you have an excellent opportunity of setting the temperature you want early enough before arriving at your office or home. Ensure it is in excellent condition as it will prevent the air conditioner running the whole day. Also, check if the buttons or the touchscreen are functioning well.



aircon exterior

Regularly Inspect and Clean the Outside Unit

The unit located outside the office or home is often ignored. Without it, the air conditioning system inside the room is not complete. Inspect if leaves are piling on top of it or any grass clippings. Regularly clean it to avoid dust particles accumulating on top of it. Since it is a large unit, consider using a garden hose to help you in washing out any debris settling on top of the unit. While cleaning it, be careful not to damage the fins and blades.…