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How to Prevent Home Meth Contamination

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If you live in a house that was previously used meth users, there is a good chance that you have been tested for meth residues. If your property has been tested for meth residues and preliminary results are positive, you should evacuate the property to maintain your health and consider making a plan to remove drug residues before returning home.

Buying a house that used to be a meth session is like living in a toxic waste dump. The volatile chemicals used in meth production can lead to catastrophic fires that lead to serious health problems and even death from exposure to toxic chemicals. Methamphetamine contains high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, propylene glycol, ethylbenzene, and methylphenidate, which can cause respiratory problems and other health problems. Meth kitchens are often searched in the basement of houses with high concentrations of dangerous

Further Testing

old ruined lapsedState and industry officials say further testing will mostly detect meth – contaminated properties, especially foreclosed homes, that are coming back to the market as the housing market recovers. If someone smokes methamphetamine a few times, the apartment could leave the toxic residues in the air or even leave them toxic. If an object tests positive for meth, state law requires owners to report the cleanup to the county health department before someone can move back in. When the police distinguish a meth lab, they tell it to the health division, which notifies the owner and provides a list of qualified inspectors. If chronic infections are not treated immediately, they can lead to death, and those who live in meth laboratories can have serious health problems.

Hire a Professional

People should not panic if their home tests positive for methamphetamine because it is unlikely to harm them. Environmental expert says methamphetamine residues pose a very low health risk and people misinterpret the importance of cleaning homes. However, it was pointed out that most people are at risk of living in properties with dangerous meth exposure. No – you want to expose your family to health risks when buying a house and make them aware of the problems that the property can bring.

File a Report

illness virus preventionThe report determined that there was no use in testing a home for meth contamination unless there was very heavy drug use, or people were praying that the property was used as a meth lab. Check at the DEA’s secret drug lab to see if your property has ever been the subject of meth-related investigations. You can also ask the Drug Testing and Evaluation Division (DDEA) of the US Drug Enforcement Administration if the properties were ever listed as meth labs or where a meth-related investigation took place. Check if they have a history of drug trafficking and drug possession.…